March 27, 2021

God in School

Intelligent Design in Schools

Should Creationism be Taught in Public Schools

Evolution in SchoolDarwin’s “evolution” is INCAPABLE of building babies and us! It does not have the supernatural intelligence, dexterity, speed, reliability, or care to do the phenomenal physical work of building and sustaining our cells and us.

Thousands of scientists and medical professionals have formally dissented from the theory of evolution.
Some lists on these doubters of darwinian evolution can be found at the following websites:

There are more lists growing out there and a recent study conducted by the Louis Finkelstein Institute ( a pro-evolution group) found that 60% of US medical doctors reject the strict secular Darwinian explanation for our existence. The study was conducted on a large sample of MDs, 1482 to be exact. 60% stated that God directed an evolutionary process or that there simply was no such thing as molecules to man evolution.  The other 40% selected secular evolution or gave no opinion.

This number is growing, not shrinking as we better understand our world and are able to delve deeper into the biological, geological, historical, molecular and chemical sciences. It seems we are often surprised by what we find.

The primary reason for this is that the construction and maintenance of our living cells is far too complex for any unguided process.

What is needed is a logical and plausible replacement for Darwin’s theory, because false information is a dull tool for anyone to use.

Over a twenty-eight year period, The Atomic Biology Institute discovered a science that only a supernatural force can provide. They are calling it “the Godly science of Atomic Biology “. It possesses the qualities necessary for a logical replacement of Darwin’s theory as the cause of life.

Intelligent Design in SchoolsIf you would seriously like to see our Creator God invited back to our classrooms, intelligent design in our schools, or creationism in our schools we highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of this book.

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