May 12, 2021

God and Evolution

Anatomy of a Cell

God and Evolution: Evolution’s demise by butterflies!

After almost three decades of research and development, the forensics are in.  And as with every good mystery, the solution is in the details.

Determining the cause of life was not even a reasonable question two hundred years ago.  Then Mr. Darwin took a ship ride to the Galapagos Islands and started pondering another possibility of life just happening without each one being created individually.  He developed his theory that the first simple cell somehow just came into existence, and then started reproducing itself.  Over much time, mutations happened in offspring.  The fittest had more offspring with mutations that gradually became totally different kinds of creatures over millions of years.

Of course, the technology of Darwin’s time did not understand atoms and molecules, so they had a bit of an excuse.

This idea was well received by some of Darwin’s colleagues, and they encouraged him to expand his idea and write a book about it.  History tells us he was somewhat reluctant to do this because he still believed in the Creator and mentioned Him several times in his books.

The colleagues, however, were excited about the idea of life with no need for a Creator, and began promoting and justifying the concept.  Now, of course, it is virtually illegal to suggest in secular universities that life might be caused by anything but evolution.   Professors get fired and schools get tied up in court battles at such great cost of time, money, and trouble that they give up.

This is despite the fact that the majority of citizens in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia still claim to believe in God.  However, three generations of schooling telling students that they are not created, but have ascended from apes or their ancestors, has confused and even persuaded many that either there is no God or that He is not needed for life.

So, are we created, or not?

Many scientists and other researchers have taken up the challenge, seeking the true answer.

We now have groups believing in Creation Science, Intelligent Design, Theistic Evolution, Evolutionary Creation, and a brand new proposal called Atomic Biology.

An organization in Canada called The Atomic Biology Institute believes that beautiful butterflies provide the best, most obvious, and logical explanation for the cause of life.

Here are the forensics:  In grade five science, many of us learned that little atoms are the building blocks of the universe.  So why did we not spend more time investigating how the right numbers of the right atoms are assembled into our cells?

We have worked from the top down through general biology, cellular biology, and molecular biology.  But now it is time, actually long past time, for us to go down to the atomic level, where the real action of creating life goes on.

As Thomas Rogers, president of The Atomic Biology Institute says, “I’m afraid ‘the jig is up,’ boys and girls, for Mr. Darwin’s theory.  His theory’s demise is by butterflies !!”

Like any good mystery, the little forensic details reveal the truth.

“You have to be open-minded to consider the available options seriously.  And you need to want to determine truth wherever the evidence leads.  That is what good science does,” Rogers reminds us.

Look closely at each of the following transition photos in sequence and imagine within each one, exactly what was happening.  A crawling caterpillar with many legs is gradually being totally disassembled and then the atoms are being brilliantly reassembled into a beautiful flying butterfly.  This is in a matter of a few days, not millions of years!  Think of the supernatural intelligence, dexterity, and care this magnificent physical work requires!!!

Evolution, by definition, cannot do this, as it claims to have no intelligence or care!!!

GOD’S TYPE OF EVOLUTION:  Changing a crawling caterpillar into a beautiful flying butterfly in a matter of days, not millions of years!!

God and Evolution - Butterflies

The photos and our intellect tell the tale.  And this is what is happening for all of our cells in invisible places within us.   Our food (carrots, potatoes, peas, bread, celery, etc.) is being dissembled down to atoms and then a supernatural force with great intelligence, dexterity, and care has to select the right numbers of the right atoms to build every part of every one of our approx. 100 trillion cells.

And, of course, atoms do not have life of their own.  That has to be breathed into them once the right atoms are assembled into each cell.


Anatomy of a Cell

Remember that every part of every one of our cells has to be assembled using the right numbers of the right elemental atoms from available sources (our foods), all precisely placed.  It is an enormous amount of brilliant precision physical work performed with amazing speed.

This is all supernaturally intelligent work that evolution is totally incapable of performing and it is necessary for every cell in every living entity.

Why are we even talking about evolution any more?

The only reason is that there are people who do not want to acknowledge their Creator.