April 18, 2021

Creator God – What We Observe Today

Creator Caterpillar Twig

The research for our atomic biology project at The Atomic Biology Institute began as a curiosity in 1987. Coming from a background in engineering, research, construction, and manufacturing, when Thomas Rogers finally “saw the Light”, he says the question for him became “How does this supernatural force known as our “Creator” or “God” actually build or create living entities?

It became another research project, and when enough new pieces were put together for the answer, the research company Reality Research & Development Inc., was established and formal investigation began for producing the first book, “So, Who IS This ‘God’ of Our Nations, and What Does He DO For Us?” Shortly after, The Atomic Biology Institute was established and a new version was published in 2019 titled, “DARWIN’S REPLACEMENT – Bringing the God of Our Nations Back to Our Students with a New Basic Science”. The most recent edition is available at .

The Creator God

After confirming the obvious that material things are made of atoms (grade 5 science), that means our various cells are made of atoms. Where the atoms for our cells come from has to be from the food we eat; those atoms in our food had to come from the soil and rain; then the question became “What has to be done to build each food cell?” The obvious again is that to construct even the first root hair for the first carrot seed, the right number (a few trillion) of the right atoms (about 59 different amounts of different element atoms for a human) firstly have to be found in the soil, then selected, somehow grasped and precisely placed in proper sequence, assembled accurately and fastened in place in each cell, complete with each incredibly complex DNA molecules precisely programmed, the cell encapsulated, and the whole cell placed carefully in its proper place within the root hair, and all this brilliant work performed with phenomenal speed, dexterity, and accuracy.

Creator Caterpillar TwigThe need for the physical work of a caring, reliable, supernaturally intelligent force then also becomes obvious. In addition, atoms don’t have brains, muscles or life. They can’t jump into their precise place in a cell-part! Once assembled into a full cell, the so-called ‘breath- of-life’ has to be added because no cell can live and function without it. Everything is there in a dead cell, all the same ingredients and yet it is dead.

This is just the tip of the research findings. The book promoted on this website outlines 7 principles and 18 essential intelligent works for life which Mr. Darwin’s evolution is incapable of performing as, by definition, it does not have intelligence to use. Of course, Mr. Darwin was well aware of our Creator and mentioned Him several times in his books.

Our next steps include the completion of establishment of The Atomic Biology Institute and development of textbooks based on the information in this primer.

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