Replacing Darwinisms

Darwinian Evolution has been a philosophy in the sciences that fights hard to disallow objections and to control mainstream scientific thought and teaching.  This is blatant anti-science.

It is time for good science to return to following where the real evidence leads.

It is time to replace the speculative, illogical concept of “unguided” development of highly complex living entities.

It is time to teach the verifiable essentiality of super-intelligent physical construction and maintenance of cell-parts, cells, and living entities, using atoms, “the building blocks of the universe”.

Atomic Biology vs Evolution

Why is this new God-based life-science of “Atomic Biology” such a BIG DEAL ?     Don’t let the name “Atomic Biology” scare you … the basics are simple enough for a fifth-grader to understand.          This newly discovered life-science must have been used to construct the first living entities at the beginning of “Life” and all […]

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