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God and Evolution

Anatomy of a Cell

God and Evolution: Evolution’s demise by butterflies! After almost three decades of research and development, the forensics are in.  And as with every good mystery, the solution is in the details. Determining the cause of life was not even a reasonable question two hundred years ago.  Then Mr. Darwin took a ship ride to the […]

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Creator God – What We Observe Today

Creator Caterpillar Twig

The research for our atomic biology project at The Atomic Biology Institute began as a curiosity in 1987. Coming from a background in engineering, research, construction, and manufacturing, when Thomas Rogers finally “saw the Light”, he says the question for him became “How does this supernatural force known as our “Creator” or “God” actually build […]

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God in School

Intelligent Design in Schools

Should Creationism be Taught in Public Schools Darwin’s “evolution” is INCAPABLE of building babies and us! It does not have the supernatural intelligence, dexterity, speed, reliability, or care to do the phenomenal physical work of building and sustaining our cells and us. Thousands of scientists and medical professionals have formally dissented from the theory of […]

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God’s Style of Evolution

God and Evolution - Butterflies

God’s Style of ‘Evolution’:  Evolving a crawling worm into a beautiful flying butterfly in a matter of days, not millions of years. Steven Russell Smith Photos/ Does anyone seriously believe that there is no intelligent work involved in this magnificent transition? It is easy to understand why there needs to be an enormous amount of […]

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