Darwin’s Replacement


Darwin’s Replacement is the 2nd book published by author, Thomas W. Rogers with co-author Dr. Graham McLennan and the input of 43 other scholars.  The focus of the book is on replacing Darwin with true science “going where the evidence leads.” In this case showing logical reasons why evolution should not be the taught cause of life.

A Challenge To Darwinism

Recent discoveries have revealed the essential need of super-intelligence (far beyond that of mankind) to construct cell-parts, cells, and ultimately, us, using atoms from our food and air.

There is growing awareness of the intricate, well-designed processes of biological life. This book and discussion does not focus on traditional mainstream biological study, but that which can be examined in real time at the atomic level. Atomic study has only been possible in the recent past and as science forays deeper into the study of molecular-level events, it has become increasingly more difficult to defend an unguided and blind process for the creation and sustaining of life.

Nano-technology is an attempt to mimic and/or make use of molecular machines. We are becoming aware of a microscopic world that moves with incredible precision, purpose and accuracy.  This atomic world is absolutely necessary for biological life to exist and function.  Atomic Biology is the label established by this book and the Atomic Biology Institute for the study of the building of cell-parts and living entities by a super-intelligent force working carefully at the atomic level.



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